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Accreditation means that we have been assessed against internationally recognized standards and operate to the highest levels of quality and service - providing further assurance to you that the certificates we issue are both credible and impartial.

This accreditation reduces the risk to you and your customers and gives you complete confidence that we have been independently evaluated for our competence and performance capability.


Many governing bodies and government organizations prove their assistance for accreditation by stating:

“Accreditation is important for the proper functioning of a translucent and quality-focused market.” The particular advantages of attaining accreditation from the ASIB can be summarized as follows:

* Demonstration of your proficiency

* Evidence of your self-sufficiency

* Verification of your ethics and professionalism

* Accomplish global recognition for your organization

* Upkeep of your overall performance by normal monitoring by an impartial third party.

Who we're accredited by

We are among the most respected and reputable management systems certification bodies in the world and are accredited by

ASIB is an impartial and 'not-for-profit' Agency (Organization Restricted by Guarantee) that is financed by means of fees billed with regard to its accreditation services to Certification Bodies and Training Companies. ASIB accreditation body for management systems. For more details log on to www.asib.co.uk

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