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JAS Global certification

JAS Global is an certification body which provides International Organization for Standardization (ISO) management system certification and other management standards to organisations globally. We also provide a variety of inspection services to clients throughout the globe. The certification process of management systems according to international standards is our Company’s core business.

We can certify organisations to international standard related to Quality (ISO 9001), Environmental (ISO 14001), Health & Safety (OHSAS 18001), Energy (ISO 50001), Sustainable Event Management (ISO 20121), Business Continuity (ISO 22301), IT Service (ISO 20000) and Information Security Management (ISO 27001) and other management system standards

Our aim is at providing companies and the public sector with a consistently increasing range of standards, and a top level expertise and advise, across the various stages of the certification process.


Our purpose is to make a significant contribution to the protection and improvement of society as a whole by making all organisations more robust in front of the increasingly competitive business environment, and the reduction of available resources.

* Innovative and energetic

* In each area in which we prepare companies for certification

* Efficient and comprehensive in providing inspection services
* Accredited with top international Accreditation Boards

* Service and client focused

* Respected within the industry in which we operate

* Reputable across a broad range of stakeholders
* In the local and international environment, our dynamic portfolio of certifications and inspection services makes a difference in our approach to clients, and it is based on:

* The distinctive nature and consistency of the guidance that we can provide to our clients.

* Our ability to maintain a premier level of professional performance and customer service towards our clients.

This is our Assurance Proposition, a successful method which makes us unique in the international scene of accredited certification bodies and inspection services providers.

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