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OHSAS 18001

Safety Management System

OHSAS 1800 Occupational, Health and Safety Management Certification is an internationally standard which provides a framework to identify, control and decrease the risks associated with health and safety within your company. Implementing the standard will send a clear signal to your stakeholders that you view employee’s health and safety as a principal priority within your company.

An increasing number of organisations are completing OHSAS 18001 Certification as employers are under increasing pressure to ensure that a rigorous health and safety policy is in place which protects employees against possible occupational risks and reduces the likelihood of accidents in the workplace. By planning ahead a company can also reduce the potential for medical and compensation claims.

The OHSAS 18001 standard provides organisations with a framework for health and safety management helping them to:

* Identify, minimise and control health and safety risks

* Conform to health and safety legislation

* Protect the wellbeing of employees.

Key benefits of the OHSAS 18001 standard include

* Improved corporate image and credibility among stake holders, regulators, customers, prospective clients and the public

* Adoption of international best practice in relation to risk management

* Ensures health and well-being of employees, sub-contractors and the public

* Minimisation of liability of employers through adoption of proactive rather than reactive controls

* Ensures legislative awareness and compliance

* Reduces accident and incident rates by reducing and elimination workplace hazards

* Improves the incident investigation process

* Increases employee motivation through the provision of a safer workplace and participation process

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